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What are the Advantages of Glass Fibre Frangible Masts?

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Safety – Compliance – Reliability – Deflection – Strength – Longevity – Lightweight – Easy to Install – Cost Effective – Resistant to Extreme Environmental Conditions.

Pollite Glassfibre vs Aluminium Data Sheet

Over the last month, we have been proactively speaking to current and potential clients to understand their exact needs and to see how Pollite can help them achieve these goals. Customer feedback is an important part of our businesses and we regularly ask our clients for their thoughts on our products.

Two of the most frequently asked questions during our engagement with airports, consultants and other end users are “how does glassfibre compare against aluminium” and “what are the advantages of using your glass fibre frangible masts?”

So for those in our industry who are interested in understanding the benefits of using Glass Fibre Frangible Masts, we have produced a comprehensive document for your information, identifying the advantages, which include:-

> Corrosion & Environmental Resistance

> Electromagnetic & Radio Frequency ( EMI/ RFI) Impact

> Environmental Impact

> Lifecycle Cost

> Safety. Ease of Use & Quality

> Strength

> Weight

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