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Pollite helps secure future growth for Tbilisi Internal Airport

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Pollite, alongside OCEM Energy Technology S.R.L, recently installed fibreglass approach masts at Tbilisi International Airport, Georgia as part of a project to upgrade the instrument landing system from CAT I to CAT II. With light heights of up to 16m, Pollite’s innovative mid-hinge design was used to allow for easy installation and east lowering for lamp maintenance.

Tbilisi International Airport in Georgia has seen passenger numbers more than double from 2009 to 2015 and has been rated amongst the top 10 airports in Eastern Europe for passenger satisfaction. This latest upgrade will allow landing in reduced visibility, increasing passenger numbers further.

The fibreglass approach masts will replace the existing steel structures providing a lightweight, non corrosive, low maintenance and non conductive solution that complies with all ICAO and FAA requirements.

Business Development Manager Richard Landsbury commented; “This was a challenging project for us, as the airfield is very exposed and sees significant winds, however, we are confident our design will stand up to the harsh conditions. This is our first installation in Georgia, and goes a long way to securing our position as one of the worlds’ leading manufacturers of frangible airfield structures”

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