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Premature Asian Airlines Landing Injures 27 People On-Board

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The Japan Transportation Safety Board’s recent investigation status report into Asiana Airlines flight OZ162 brings airfield safety back to the forefront. Here, Richard Landsbury, Sales & Business Development Manager, reviews the reports findings.

On 14th April 2015 an Asiana Airlines Airbus A320 touched down approximately 330m short of the runway on approach into Hiroshima in good weather. The aircraft not only suffered severe damage after colliding with the non frangible ILS structure and approach lighting, but 27 people on board also sustained injuries. The photographs issued within the report clearly show sections of the ILS tower wrapped around the main landing gear, and the additional damage suffered to the wings and engines.

What this incident illustrates is the relevance of achieving frangibility to the lowest grade possible; most critically within the first 300m of the threshold. Whilst research and detailed testing requirements are outlined by ICAO and the FAA in relation to approach masts, achieving frangibility within an ILS structure is as yet, undefined and non specific.

The ICAO recognises in the report that the location of the ILS Localizer is a hazard- with it being in the “overrun/ undershoot” area and because of this stipulate that is must withstand environmental conditional and keep within strict deflection limits.

Pollite Frangible Structures have designed and developed a fully frangible, fully fibreglass modular system for mounting ILS Localiser equipment which is both easy to install, and more importantly, will not interfere with this sensitive equipment. If you would like more information on this, or indeed any other of our products, please contact Richard Landsbury (Sales and Business Development Manager) at richard.landsbury@pollite.com or +44 (0)1325 355 525.

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