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Happy New Year and welcome to our first newsletter of 2017!

After a very busy festive period, it is now back to the world of Aviation. In this issue, you will be updated on Pollite’s exciting news, learn how we provided our impeccable services to the UAE Armed Forces and how the families of passengers on flight MH370 have reacted to the latest revelation by the Joint Agency Co-ordination Centre. We have included our events calendar in this issue so you will be able to see the different exhibitions and events we are attending throughout the year.



We have been shortlisted for 2 awards at The Northern Powerhouse Export Awards; Micro Exporter of the Year and Most Entrepreneurial Exporter of the Year. The awards celebrate excellence in international trade across the North of England and are about recognising those emerging, wealth creating companies that are selling their products in overseas markets. After our humble beginnings, with projects in the UK and Ireland, Pollite began to look overseas and develop their export strategy. We have now developed a range of world leading, frangible airfield safety products which have been installed at over 100 worldwide airports, in around 60 countries and across 6 continents.

We will be attending the awards night on the 9th Feb at the Marriott Hotel in Leeds. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Export Awards


Recently, Pollite worked on a project to supply a military base in Ghantoot, Abu Dhabi, with a new approach. We partnered with Al Sahraa Advanced ECS on their contract to design, supply, install and commission visual aids for the project, supplying the naval base with fibreglass approach masts for a full CAT I system.

After meeting Al Sahraa Advanced ECS at an Airport Show in Dubai and introducing them to our products, they knew we were the right partners for their project.

Our products are tested and approved to withstand temperatures of over 50⁰C and with their gel coat are able to endure harsh UV light without changing colour or fading. This was an important factor as temperatures in Abu Dhabi can reach a whopping 50⁰C so they needed a product that was guaranteed to withstand the heat. We were also the top choice for Al Sahraa Advanced ECS as our fibreglass approach masts provide ultimate frangibility, are lighter than aluminium, and easier to install. They are also corrosion resistant, an important consideration in a desert environment with masses of sand being blasted at them daily, so the products needed to be long-standing.

For more information on our fibreglass masts click here and to read more of our case studies follow this link.

Approach Masts



We will be exhibiting at Interairport South East Asia on 15th-17th February 2017. If you would like to set up a meeting during the event email Richard on Richard.landsbury@pollite.com.88-208-244-93.surgeserver1.co.uk

Inter Airport South East Asia


Here is a list of the events we will be attending throughout 2017.

Inter Airport South East Asia in Singapore on 15th – 17th Feb
World ATM Congress 2017 in Madrid on 7th – 9th March
Airport Solutions 2017 in Turkey on 11th – 12th April
The Airport Show 2017 in Dubai on 15th – 17th May
The British – Irish Airports Expo in Birmingham on 7th – 8th June
Inter Airport Europe in Munich on 10th – 13th October. We will be exhibiting at this event so feel free to stop by for a chat.



Search for missing plane MH-370

On Jan 17th 2017 Malaysia, China and Australia released a statement declaring, that the search so far for flight MH-370 has not been successful and further search will now be suspended.

Nearly 3 years ago the flight MH-370, going from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing went missing with almost 240 passengers on board. Transport ministers from Australia, Malaysia and China confirmed on Tuesday the underwater search in 120,000 square km of the southern Indian Ocean had been suspended until there is any new credible evidence.

This news has not gone down well, with families declaring their anger and upset at the thought of never knowing what has happened to their loved ones. Ms Weeks whose husband went missing on the flight asserts her upset towards the Malaysian Government, “I’m still processing it, it’s unacceptable, it’s just disgusting really. It is their plane, their responsibility, they’re the ones that promised they would bring them home and now they are just giving up,”.

The MH370 Tripartite Joint Communique from the three countries on Tuesday said they remained “hopeful that new information will come to light and that at some point in the future the aircraft will be located”.

“Despite every effort using the best science available, cutting edge technology, as well as modelling and advice from highly skilled professionals who are the best in their field, unfortunately, the search has not been able to locate the aircraft.

Due to the long and inconclusive search the last search vessel left the area on Tuesday with ministers declaring their sadness to the families, friends and everybody around the world. They also praised the commitment and dedication of the hundreds of people involved in the search and ended remaining hopeful that new information will come to light and at some point in the future the aircraft will be able to be located.


MyCargo’s performing flight TK-6491 crashes killing 4 crew members and 34 villagers.

On the morning of Jan 16th 2017, MyCargo Airlines, performing flight TK-6491 on behalf of Turkish Airlines, departed from Hong Kong (China) and headed to Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan). It was on its final approach to Bishkek’s runway 26 when the aircraft failed to climb out after a go around, finally impacting terrain 1100 metres past the runway end after impacting several houses.

All 4 crew members on board and 34 on the ground were killed, with a further 8 people taken to hospital be treated for injuries. MyCargo Airlines reported the accident, and with Turkish Airlines offered their extended condolences to the families and friends of those who died from the crash and also offered their best wishes to the people suffering injuries.

Kyrgyzstan’s Prime Minister stated that the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC, also known as MAK) is going to investigate the crash and a technical team is now on standby to assist with the investigation. The aircraft was making a fuel stop on its flight from Hong Kong to Istanbul and was cleared to land by air traffic control.

The airline is cooperating with Kyrgyz Authorities, Turkey’s Ministry of Transport and the Accident Investigation Commission, with first findings suggesting that the crash was not related to technical or loading related factors. First fragments of a black box were located on Jan 16th 2017 and on Jan 17th 2017 the cockpit voice recorder was recovered. The search for the flight data recorder is still on going.