Sydney Airport Stop Bar Project Uses Pollite Frangible Masts

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We are excited to announce that Sydney Airport has installed our frangible masts as part of the airside Stop Bar project at 47 taxiway/runway intersections across its three runways. This not only completes a $25 million runway safety upgrade programme by the airport, but also marks our launch into this market with our frangible stop bars.

The project marks an evolvement from our core frangible approach mast airside safety products. We have stepped into the stop bar market after recognising that our frangible masts could be adapted to suit the needs of Sydney Airport.

Just as antennae, anemometer, windsock and approach masts need to be frangible, so too do the masts housing the microwave sensors which send signals to ATC for Stop Bar operation. Stop Bars provide protection at runway/taxiway intersections and reduce the risk of runway incursions.

Pollite was asked to design and manufacture FAA compliant frangible masts that house the microwave sensors which operate the Stop Bars. As the microwave sensor masts are frangible, should there be any contact with an aircraft, they will break, distort or yield, causing minimal damage. Airside masts need to be resistant to electromagnetic interference caused between the sensor’s own energy signal and radio frequency emissions from aircraft and airport radar systems. They also need to be resistant to the effects of weathering as various countries bring with them climatic issues that could impact dramatically on airport structures. This is in compliance with ICAO Aerodrome Design Manual Frangible standards, outlined in Part six of Chapter three, Environmental Service Conditions. With our 10-year guarantee, our products are durable enough to combat both of these potential problems, making them ideal for Stop Bar Projects.


Andy Sole, Strategic Development Director of ATG Airports, the airfield lighting manufacturers and main contractor who commissioned Pollite for the project, said:


“Pollite was always a leading candidate to supply the frangible masts for the Sydney Stop Bars project. They provided a fully compliant, cost effective solution for the project, helping to ensure the work was completed to the exacting standards expected by a major airport such as Sydney.”