Not only is it sleeker and more aesthetically pleasing our unique monopole design of frangible masts comes with a number of technical benefits over the lattice mast design.  

1) Concealment of cables 

The hollow structure allows the cables to be housed inside the mast. With a lattice design the cable need to be attached to the outside of the structure with cable ties or clips. This means they are open to the elements and risk being damage by weather conditions or birds. 

Pollite cable housing

2) No joints for water ingress 

The continuous parallel pole has no weak points or joins. Unlike the lattice design which consists of cross bars that are attached to vertical poles. It’s in these joints that water can ingress which freezes and causes the structure to crack. 

3) Any height and easy to adjust onsite 

With lattice designs light heights are dictated by the mast configuration and must be in multiples of 500mm. Our monopole design and onsite UK manufacturing facilities mean we can create masts up to 12 metres or taller.  

Every Pollite mast has an additional adjuster that allows 110mm additional upward adjustment per light fitting. Masts will always be pre-cut in our factory prior to dispatch to meet specific project requirements. Masts feature metal identification plate, where height and position is engraved. In unlikely event of making modification to the masts on site, height can be further reduced on site due to their fibreglass composition. Lattice masts have a limited onsite adjustment range. 

4) Lower shipping costs 

The Pollite monopole is much lighter and has smaller dimensions than the bulky lattice design making packaging and shipping costs lower. Therefore, reducing overall project costs. As an added benefit the carbon footprint of our products is also reduced.  

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