Innovative solutions for design challenges

Every airport approach path is different and has its own set of design challenges. Sometimes standard products will not work and a unique solution is required to meet legislation.

Pollite can work with you to produce products that meet your exact requirements. Our design engineers have worked on some of the world’s most challenging projects and delivered innovative solutions.

Flexibility in colour choice

We can manufacture approach masts, RVR masts, anemometer masts and windsock masts in 1625 colours 

A simple change in colour can make a mast merge into its surroundings or become as visible as possible.   

Bespoke solutions

Or create a bespoke structure to meet design challenges such as existing structures, roads, rivers etc.

Get in Touch

Contact us to discuss your project requirements. Our experienced team will be happy to work with you to design bespoke solutions to your project’s challenges.