Meteorological Masts

Pollite anemometer masts are ideal for AWOS/Anemometer Systems, Met Garden use or RVR/ Forward Scatter Meter.

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Pollite meteorological masts have a huge range of applications, from our standard 10m masts for Anemometers, to smaller masts for RVR/Visibility Sensors. Their fully fibreglass construction allows for easy installation and a lightweight design that will not interfere with any sensitive equipment. All masts are coloured with alternative red and white banding in accordance with the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) regulations.

Larger masts are designed to be supplied with a full lightning protection kit and an ICAO-approved obstruction light. The top spigot can be supplied in order to fit any brand of sensor and all cabling is routed through the centre of the mast to help avoid any issues with corrosion/degradation of the pole.


Pollite meteorological masts are designed and tested for minimum deflection, and are ideally suited for weather monitoring equipment that needs to be mounted at height on a frangible mast within the airfield.

Our meteorological masts come in a range of diameters to suit each application, and come complete with galvanized steel hinged base to allow for easy installation and maintenance. A winch or screwjack mechanism can also be supplied to ease the process of lifting and lowering. Frangibility comes as standard and colouring of the mast is typically red and white striped as per ICAO/FAA requirements.


We are committed to meeting your exact requirements through our manufacturing expertise, and the majority of our systems are bespoke and can be tailored to your needs. We have a range of accessories including:

  • Fully proven and designed lightning protection system
  • Obstruction lighting
  • Cross arm plus accessories to suit your specifically chosen sensors
  • Fully adjustable spigots to suit each system and install location
  • Bespoke brackets for power cabinets and accessory boxes

We work with some of the world’s largest and most respected sensor manufacturers to ensure that our meteorological masts, and your sensors, are perfectly compatible for seamless installation and use.

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Anemometer mast in Luton Anemometer Mast Datasheet Download File
Frangible fibreglass material used for frangible masts RVR Mast Datasheet Download File
Image of Pollite factory in the UK where all poles are manufactured Weather System Monitoring Mast 125mm Installation Manual Download File
Screwjack system on Pollite mast Anemometer Mast 10m 180mm Installation Manual Download File
Leeds Bradford Approach Mast frangible structures Servicing Manual Download File

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