This article is a product spotlight featuring our Anemometer masts.

Anemometer mast

Anemometer mast – Description

Pollite weather system masts have a huge range of applications, from our standard 10m masts for Anemometers, to smaller masts for RVR/Visibility Sensors. The fully fibreglass construction allows for easy installation and a lightweight design and will not interfere with any sensitive equipment. All masts are coloured with alternative red/white banding, in keeping with the ICAO regulations.

Larger masts are designed to be supplied with a full lightning protection kit and ICAO-approved approved obstruction light. The top spigot can be supplied in order to fit any brand of sensor, and all cabling is routed through the centre of the mast to help avoid corrosion/degradation.



  1. Winch System – Galvanised steel tower with four No. M16 Anchor rods. DLB2500a hand winch and wind strap. The winch is mounted on the same foundation pad as the mast and enables a one-man maintenance operation.
    Anemometer mast with winch
  2. Obstruction Light – L-810 Type N LED. FAA/ICAO compliant. 230V.
  3. Lightning Rod – 10mm diameter, 1000mm long with connectors, tape, earth rod and pit.
  4. Additional Frangible GRP Arm.
  5. Orange and white banded colour for mast.

Download the full Anemometer Mast data sheet here.

Anemometer mast Luton

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