Frangible structure at airportFrangible masts – those that will break upon impact – play a crucial role in enhancing safety and efficiency within the airport industry. Here are five compelling reasons why frangible masts, as opposed to rigid masts, are needed in this context:

1. Aviation safety: Should there be an incident during takeoff or landing, or with an aircraft overshooting a runway, frangible masts will significantly improve safety. As they break upon impact, frangible masts will minimise the damage caused to aircraft, and danger to passengers and crew. This could save the airport and airlines from substantial repair costs and reduce the downtime required for repairs.

2. Compliance with regulations: Aviation safety authorities and organisations including the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) often require the use of frangible masts to meet safety standards and guidelines.

3. Enhancing emergency response: In the event of an emergency, such as an aborted takeoff or landing, frangible masts provide a safer environment for emergency responders and aircraft evacuation procedures.

4. Environmental factors: Our frangible masts are constructed with fibreglass (fiberglass), which is an environmentally friendly material. This can help airports to achieve their sustainability goals, reducing their overall environmental impact.

5. International Airport Best Practices: Many major international airports have adopted frangible mast technology as a best practice for aviation safety. This is an indication to smaller airports that they should follow the same principles.

Frangible masts are a vital component of aviation safety at airports. They not only prevent catastrophic accidents but also ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Reductions in damage-related costs and environmentally-friendly factors are further ways in which frangible masts support airport operations.

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Airplane flying over field of frangible multi light approach masts at night

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