Pollite provides a full range of frangible masts and structures to support visual and non-visual aids near runways and taxiways on airfields. All of the products are designed specifically to comply with the latest ICAO and FAA requirements on frangibility, deflection and strength. Read on to find out more.

Approach masts

Pollite offer a complete range of frangible approach masts, manufactured in the UK. These range from a single light mast to a five light cross arm with an SFL/Flash Unit. Our frangible masts are designed with a number of beneficial features. These include an almost maintenance-free design, UV-resistant and corrosion-free finish, resistance to temperature, and no electro-magnetic interference. All of our approach masts, as well as supporting cross arms, are made from fibreglass. This enhances the pole’s frangibility and reduces the overall weight. They have an expected lifespan of over 30 years.

Leeds Bradford Approach Mast frangible structures

Windsock masts

We supply internally- or externally-lit frangible glassfibre windsock masts that comply with FAA and ICAO requirements. The purpose of a windsock is to provide real-time information about wind direction and wind speed. They are essential tools used at airfields and airports. They play a critical role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of aviation operations. Windsocks are used for measuring wind direction and speed, ensuring aircraft safety in different wind conditions. They are also useful for ensuring the safety of staff performing runway inspections and maintenance duties. The windsocks are held up by masts made of frangible materials.

Frangible windsock mast in Turkmenistan

Airfield windsocks

All of our windsocks are manufactured in our facility in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham. They meet ICAO and FAA requirements for size, material and colour. They also meet all of the legal requirements in terms of colour fastness to light.

Meteorological masts

Pollite anemometer masts are ideal for AWOS/Anemometer Systems, Met Garden use or RVR/ Forward Scatter Meter. Anemometer masts are tall structures, also known as meteorological or wind measurement masts. They are equipped with anemometers and other instruments to measure wind speed and direction at different heights above the ground. These masts play a vital role in aviation safety, aiding in aircraft takeoffs and landings. Readings from masts near airports help pilots to make crucial decisions, particularly in challenging weather conditions. They dramatically reduce the risk of catastrophic damage if an aircraft were to hit a mast. Many aviation authorities and safety regulations now require these structures near runways to be frangible.

Two anemometer masts in Luton

Frangible fencing

Pollite frangible fencing is intended for use in or around the airfield where protective fencing is required to be frangible. This is in accordance with ICAO regulations. Ours is a non-conductive lightweight fencing system, manufactured from FRP and GRP composites. This ensures a durable, robust system that is capable of resisting extreme weather and pollutant environments. It is designed for easy installation and is fully non-corrosive. It is therefore ideal for surrounding sensitive monitoring equipment on or around the airfield.

Foreign Object Detection (FOD) Towers and Instrument Landing System (ILS) Towers

Pollite offer frangible structures for your airfield including Foreign Object Detection (FOD) Towers and Instrument Landing System (ILS) Towers. Our manufacturing expertise means we can tailor our frangible structures to meet your exact requirements. Our fibreglass (fiberglass) FOD Tower is intended for use on the airfield where the equipment used in the detection of foreign objects, such as drones, needs to be elevated. This structure consists of four main upright frangible fibreglass masts, supported by a series of fibreglass cross braces.

Our FOD towers incorporate the same frangible technology used on our approach masts. These have been impact tested and approved. All towers are custom-manufactured based on your height and deflection requirements, and are designed for rapid assembly. They cover a small surface area, provide excellent environmental performance and limit any electromagnetic interference. Each tower comes complete with an access platform, GRP ladders and handrail system to ensure a safe working environment.

Pollite manufactured FOD Tower

Why choose Pollite for your frangible masts and structures?

Pollite are one of the largest manufacturers of fibreglass (fiberglass) structures and masts in Europe. We have an international presence that spans across Europe, Asia, USA, the Middle East, and Australasia. We work with our clients across every aspect of the design and manufacturing process to create bespoke engineered solutions and deliver masts that are, globally, the best in class. Contact us now to discuss your project requirements.

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