Safety is paramount, in all aspects of life. Frangibility is playing a part in so many areas of safety today. One of these areas is in urban planning. Frangibility can play a crucial role in improving safety in towns and cities. It can influence the design and construction of various elements of the infrastructure. Here we discuss several ways in which frangibility can enhance safety in urban planning.

Traffic safety

Roadside Barriers

Frangible barriers along roads and highways can help reduce the severity of collisions. They will absorb the impact and reduce the risk of a vehicle driving into oncoming traffic or off the road completely.

Signage and Light Poles

Frangible materials for signage and light poles can reduce the risk of injury during vehicle impacts. They break away or deform in a controlled manner, minimising the potential for debris hazards.

Street light - a frangible structure - against a pink and purple sunset

Public Spaces

Playground Equipment

Frangible elements in playground equipment can reduce the risk of injuries to children. They would allow controlled breakage or deformation upon impact, especially in high-activity areas.

Outdoor Structures

Incorporating frangible features in outdoor structures like canopies, pergolas, and awnings can enhance safety during extreme weather events by reducing the risk of structural failure.

Pedestrian Safety

Street Furniture

Using a frangible material for street furniture such as benches, bollards, and bus shelters can enhance pedestrian safety. It will reduce the risk of injuries during collisions or accidents.

Crossing Markers

Frangible pelican crossing markers at road crossings can improve safety for pedestrians while minimising damage to vehicles during collisions.

Pelican crossing

Infrastructure Resilience

Utility Poles and Lines

Frangible designs for utility poles and overhead lines can minimise damage and safety risks during severe weather events.

Building Facades

Facades with frangible components can improve safety, by reducing the risk of large debris falling during structural failures.

Why choose Pollite?

By incorporating frangibility into urban planning strategies and infrastructure design, towns and cities can enhance overall safety for all. The resilience of critical infrastructure systems will also be improved. It is essential for urban planning teams to collaborate with materials experts and safety professionals to implement effective frangible solutions.

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