This article is a product spotlight featuring our externally lit windsock mast.

Externally lit Windsock Mast

Externally Lit Windsock Mast – Description

Pollite externally lit windsock masts have been developed to fully comply with their ICAO annex 14 vol 1 wind direction indicator requirements and the most recent frangibility stipulations. In addition, Pollite provide windsock masts that comply with the CAA CAP168 and the FAA AC 150/5345-27D TYPE L-806 and 807 design criteria.

All Pollite windsock masts are manufactured from glassfibre, finished with a UV resistant gel coat. Each pole has a unique break system incorporated within the structure which has been fully tested and independently certified as frangibility compliant. Our externally lit masts are engineered to provide the correct levels of illumination recommended by CAP 168.



Download the full Externally Lit Windsock Mast data sheet here.

Windsock Mast - Externally Lit

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