This article is a product spotlight featuring our Internally Lit Windsock Mast.

Internally Lit Windsock Mast MkIIInternally Lit Windsock Mast (MkII) – Description

The Pollite Internally Lit WDI incorporates the latest in LED technologies and uses a single houses bulb with 2 separate banks of lights. The unique design allows the light to remain fixed, with only the frame and reflector rotating, meaning no cable twisting or the requirement for slip rings.

The 360 degree sealed bearings are completely maintenance free and the entire unit is stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance. The mast is completely fibre glass and ICAO-approved for frangibility, deflection and strength. The windsock can be manufactured in any colour to allow this to be seen in all environments and backgrounds both during the day, and throughout darkness.



Internally lit windsock mast mkII

Download the data sheet here.

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