Requirement: Runway approach masts

Bratislava Airport is the largest and the main airport in the Slovak Republic and welcomes around 2 million passengers each year. It features 2 perpendicular runways 04/22 and 13/31. Pollite provided approach masts for the category IIIA runway 13/31. 

The client required a specific set up of lights which we were able to achieve as every Pollite approach mast is made to measure. We supplied 16 of our 180mm diameter frangible glassfibre masts with cross arm for 6 lights.  The monopole design allowed for the concealment of cables and each Pollite mast was labeled with its position to aid in the install process.  A winch was supplied with the poles to allow them to be easily lowered on their ground plate for maintenance. 

The Pollite team worked closely with client and provided project management assistance throughout the project.  

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