Weather monitoring Solutions: Thunder and Lightning

Pollite recently collaborated on a critical project aimed at enhancing the weather monitoring capabilities of an airport in Sweden, specifically focusing on the detection of thunderstorms.

In the aviation industry, the significance of such advanced equipment cannot be overstated, especially considering the potentially catastrophic risks posed to ground staff in the event of lightning strikes.

The strategic partnership between Haysys and Pollite was an easy choice for this project.

Pollite’s innovative fibreglass (fiberglass) masts emerged as the optimal solution, offering unparalleled frangibility, lightweight advantages over aluminium alternatives, whilst providing a sustainable and simplified installation procedures. Paired with the best in class monitoring systems provided by Haysys.

Furthermore, these masts are engineered to endure the temperature extremes of Sweden, which experiences harsh winters with sub-zero temperatures and transitions into the hot summer months.

The Pollite product range also includes:

Approach Lighting:

Precisely designed lighting systems to guide aircraft during takeoff and landing, ensuring clear visibility and safe alignment

Bespoke Frangible Structures:

Engineered masts, towers or platforms that yield or break upon impact, minimising damage to aircraft and personnel

Anemometer Masts:

Robust masts for wind measurement, built to withstand extreme weather conditions and provide accurate data

Frangible Windsocks:

Wind direction indicators that are designed to break away upon impact, reducing the risk of damage to aircraft

Frangible Fencing:

Protective fencing solutions that yield or break upon impact, enhancing safety around airports and aviation infrastructure

Surveillance, Communication and Mesh Comms Masts:

Advanced systems for enhanced situational awareness, seamless communication, and efficient data transmission

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