Pollite provided Perth with an approach system for the airport which is Australia’s 4th largest. We worked with ADB Safegate to upgrade the airport’s lighting infrastructure allowing for Category III landings.

Perth Airport is situated on the country’s western coast and is blessed with clear weather almost all-year-round. However, it’s also one of the most isolated airports in the world, so when it suffers from one of its 10 or so days of fog  per year, the diversions for airlines and passengers are extreme. Upon bad weather conditions international flights need to divert to Adelaide in South Australia which is more than two hours away.

So, this project arose in order to weather proof the airport and give it a full CAT III upgrade which would reduce the burdened costs of fuel, transportation and hotels of stranded passengers that are accumulated in bad weather diversions. The project will be completed in 2018 and will incorporate 3800 lights to to ensure that the complete airfield is compliant to CAT III conditions at all times.

An aircraft will then be able to land in low visibility conditions to a distance of 50m, down from the current 800m. Perth Airport will soon be capable of offering its airlines and passengers a seamless integrated flow that will lead the way in to the future for the capital city airports in Australia.

Pollite are extremely proud to be working on this project and pleased to be strengthening their relationship with Australia.

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