We have successfully completed and shipped a recent order from RAF Scampton for two frangible approaches, just months after the Royal Air Force station made the press for its 70th anniversary celebration of the Dambusters Raid.

We have designed and manufactured  the frangible masts for two approaches at the airfield, from an order we received in April this year. Like all commercial and private airfields, RAF Scampton still needs to have frangible masts installed to minimise the risks associated with a runway undershoot or overrun. All our frangible products are manufactured to requirements set out by the ICAO and FAA for frangibility compliance, meaning that they have been tested rigorously to ensure they break, distort or yield upon any contact with aircraft.

RAF Scampton is at the heart of Lincolnshire’s ‘Bomber County,’ so called because it was flat and on the eastern side of the country during the Second World War By the end of the war, there were 45 airfields in Lincolnshire but today only five remain operational.

The airfield exists to provide Air Command and Control in direct defence of the UK’s airspace and possesses the ability to deploy aircraft at short notice to anywhere in the world. With such fast aircraft deployment, airfield safety is paramount to the station.

RAF Scampton is another example of varied demand for our frangible products. Frangibility is not just integral to commercial runways but to any airfield, anywhere in the world. We also design and manufacture frangible products such as windsock masts to heliports and oil fields around the world, as part of our commitment to improving airfield safety.

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