Traditional street lighting systems rely on rigid structures such as steel or concrete poles. While these are effective support for lighting fixtures, they pose significant safety risks. In cases of collisions, vehicular accidents, or extreme weather, there is risk of severe damage or fatalities. Street lighting is an essential aspect of urban infrastructure, providing security and visibility. It is therefore vital that these structures are made as safe as possible.

How to make street lighting safer

Set of street lights

Unlike rigid steel or concrete masts, frangible masts are engineered to break or deform upon impact. This unique feature makes them the ideal choice for street lighting installations, as it mitigates the damage caused by collisions. They hugely reduce the risk of injury, fatalities or damage caused by an impact involving vehicles. Frangible masts are the most cost-effective choice in the long-term, due to reduced maintenance and repairs. They comply with the safety standards of many safety and transportation authorities. Frangible masts are constructed using materials, such as fibreglass (fiberglass) that are not just strong, but environmentally friendly too. This reduces the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing and transportation.

Where can frangible masts be used?

Frangible masts have been successfully implemented in street infrastructure in various cities around the world. They’re commonly found in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic and intersections prone to accidents. They’re also used in locations where protecting property and lives is a top priority. Frangible masts lining the streets provide the necessary lighting while also offering a safety net in case of accidents. In the event of a collision, the frangible mast gives way, minimising harm to pedestrians and vehicles.

Street lighting with a blue sky backgroundOther benefits of frangible masts in street lighting

Street lighting is not just about illumination. It’s also about ensuring the safety of everyone on the road. Frangible masts represent a significant step forward in achieving this goal. Their unique features drastically reduce the risks associated with current traditional street lighting structures. As towns and cities continue to evolve and prioritise safety, consideration should be given to frangible structures. We need our cities to be bright, but more importantly we need them to be safe. The use of frangible masts are an easy solution to this.

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