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In the world of aviation, foreign objects can pose a significant risk. This risk can be mitigated by airports and airfields through the use of FOD towers. FOD towers are Foreign Object Detection towers. These structures allow systems used to detect objects on runways, taxiways and other areas where aircraft operate, to be elevated.

Drones can also cause huge problems for aircraft. Protecting aircraft from unauthorised unmanned aircraft has become a major priority in the industry. FOD towers can be used to mount drone detection equipment. This can include radar detection, audio detection, radio frequency detection, video detection and thermal detection.

Pollite manufactured FOD Tower

About Pollite’s FOD Towers

The Pollite FOD Tower is a frangible structure consisting of four main upright frangible fibreglass (fiberglass) masts. They’re supported by a series of fibreglass (fiberglass) cross braces. They incorporate the same frangible technology used on our approach masts that have been impact tested and approved. All towers are custom manufactured based on the height and deflection requirements of the FOD system used. They are designed for rapid assembly. Covering a small surface area, the lightweight glassfibre structure provides excellent environmental performance and limits any electromagnetic interference. Each tower comes complete with an access platform, GRP ladders and handrail system to ensure a safe working environment

Why should FOD Towers be frangible?

Frangibility refers to the ability of a structure to break apart or yield upon impact, absorbing the energy of the collision rather than causing damage to the colliding object.

In the event of a collision between an aircraft and a FOD tower, the frangible structure helps minimise severe damage to the aircraft. It also reduces the potential for injury to passengers and crew. Traditional rigid structures would sustain significant damage. This would necessitate extensive repairs and leading to prolonged downtime for the detection system.

Due to their typical positioning at airports, FOD Towers must comply with ICAO ADM Pt6 Frangibility. The Pollite frangible FOD towers are compliant with this regulation.

FOD Tower

Why choose Pollite?

Pollite are one of the largest manufacturers of fibreglass (fiberglass) structures and masts in Europe. We have an international presence that spans across Europe, Asia, USA, the Middle East, and Australasia. We work with our clients across every aspect of the design and manufacturing process to create bespoke engineered solutions and deliver masts that are, globally, the best in class. Contact us now to discuss your project requirements.

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