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Anemometer masts are also known as meteorological or wind measurement masts. They are equipped with instruments to measure wind speed and direction at different heights above the ground. Anemometer masts play a vital role in various industries and scientific ventures.

The frangibility of a structure refers to its ability to break, deform, or collapse upon impact. This reduces the risk of damage or injury, and ensures the safety of personnel and surrounding assets.

Anemometer mast in Luton

What are anemometer masts for?

Weather Forecasting and Research

To help meteorologists understand weather patterns and predict severe weather events. The masts use readings to make accurate weather forecasts and aid in climate modelling.

Wind Energy Development

To determine the viability of installing wind turbines by collecting wind data at potential wind farm sites. Developers can also optimise turbine placement to maximise energy production.

Aviation Safety

To aid in the safety of aircraft takeoffs and landings. Readings from masts near airports help pilots make crucial decisions, particularly in challenging weather conditions.

Building and Infrastructure Design

To allow architects and engineers reliable data when designing structures such as buildings and bridges. These structures, among others, must be safe in windy conditions.

Environmental Studies

To facilitate assessments on environmental impact. Wind patterns can affect air quality dispersion, pollutant dispersion, and even the movement of airborne allergens and contaminants.

Emergency Response and Disaster Management

To help make informed decisions and issue timely warnings in the event of natural disasters including hurricanes and tornadoes.

Research and Education

To provide real-world data for student learning and scientific investigations. Anemometer masts are vital tools in the study of meteorology, atmospheric physics, and climate change.

Agricultural and Environmental Management

To aid farmers by providing insights into microclimates and wind patterns that affect crop health, irrigation, and pest management.

Sports and Recreation

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of participants in sports such as sailing, windsurfing and paragliding.

Anemometer mastWhy should Anemometer Masts be frangible?

There are a number of benefits of frangible anemometer masts over more rigid masts. These include:

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