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Pollite are proud to announce our new partnership with Lily Helipads LLC based in Indianapolis, USA. Click here to view their website.
The deal will see Pollite internally lit windsocks and frangible fibreglass masts installed on Lily Helipads safe, environmentally friendly helipads across the United States.

The helipads custom tailored and combine the latest in helipad construction technology and aeronautical design. They are permeable and able to capture and contain deicing fluid or any potential fuel spills.

All Pollite Windsock masts are manufactured from glassfibre and polyester resin, finished with a UV resistant gel coat. Each pole has a unique break system incorporated within the main mast and is coloured to client specifications. The windsock cone is manufactured from 316 marine grade stainless steel and both external and internal lighting is available. All windsocks are manufactured from a durable polyester which is available hypalon coated if required and UV tested to ensure a longer vibrancy of colour.

All our Airfield and Heliport windsock masts are compliant with CAA’s CAP168 and ICAO’s Annex 14 Vol. 1 Aerodrome Design and Operations requirements. They comply fully with the frangibility requirements stipulated in ICAO’s Aerodrome Design Manual, pt. 6 frangibility and FAA AC 150/5345-27D. For more information on our Heliport Windsock masts click here.

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